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See live optimization of lead gen, subscription, and ecommerce CTAs

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When: Thursday, September 8 at 3PM EDT
Where: Live, interactive Zoom
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Attendance: Limited to 100 (we have maxed out attendance for every event)

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About Flint McGlaughlin

Flint McGlaughlin is the founder of MECLABS Institute, he has spent 30 years of research focused on one question, "Why do people say yes?". His work has led to many discoveries regarding the philosophy of human choice, experimental design, and the cognitive psychology of conversion.
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$138M in Research

For 30+ years, MECLABS has worked with some of the world's largest brands to answer one question: What causes someone to purchase? Learn from thousands of case studies and more than $100 million in digital research. 

20,000 Treatments

We've tested thousands of online funnels and conducted experiments testing more than 20,000 treatments, each based on a hypothesis designed to give marketers a better understanding of how to articulate value or increase conversion.

And You...

We'll be providing some case studies, live test results and interactive optimization. We love feedback and participation from you — the marketer. Help your fellow marketers improve their messaging and funnels or volunteer to have your assets critiqued live. 

Alt Tag

  • Built the first and now oldest conversion marketing research program in the world.
  • Pioneered the conversion industry, established its concepts and principles, and launched the first certified courses in the field.
  • Invested two decades and $138 million trying to understand the fundamental unit of conversion: a “yes.”
  • Trained thousands of students globally in the rigorous science of conversion marketing.
  • Defined the primary standards for scientific testing in conversion marketing, teaching at Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and many others.
  • Tested more than 20,000 marketing hypotheses (treatments).
  • Conducted field research with hundreds of the top brands in the world, including V erizon, Amazon, The New York Times and many more.
  • Patented the world’s most widely used and well-known conversion heuristic: C=4m+3v+2(i-f)-2a.
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